WhatsApp update: Expert explains privacy policy changes for users 2021

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First of all, understand that the new WhatsApp terms and policies will take effect on February 8, 2021.
This application requires data sharing with Facebook
You would say it happens everywhere. Data sharing is nothing new. When was our data safe?
Listen to the answer
Almost all apps have photos and all the other data that you and we send messages, but those apps can’t share them anywhere, because they have to hide all these things and just keep them safe. What is the promise to you, if they share any of them with us without your permission, they can be sued, and they will have to pay a fine, but now WhatsApp says that they All your messages, all photos and all your personal data will be authorized to be shared anywhere and anytime and he is asking for your regular permission for this work so that tomorrow you will not be able to say that this work is done without my consent. What happened?
You must have received a message on WhatsApp for this permission. If not, it will come soon. I have received it.
There will be two options, one is Agree, and the other is Not Now. We will tell you after thinking. If you agree, your WhatsApp will work as before and if you click on Not Now. So for now your WhatsApp will run but will close on February 8 because you do not agree to the WhatsApp policy. Agree means that you are accepting all the terms of WhatsApp, if your If WhatsApp shares a message or a photo or personal data with you, no one in your household will be able to sue you because you have to click the Agree button. She had already agreed If you do not give your consent, your WhatsApp will be closed on February 8.
These are the new WhatsApp guidelines and new terms that have put the whole nation in a quandary at the moment.
Right now, where you feel safe and secure, your decision is in your hands

If you ask me, I completely disagree with this new policy of WhatsApp and consider myself completely insecure on this application, there should be a strong protest that WhatsApp should withdraw this policy immediately otherwise we will have an alternative app. Telegram is the best solution

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