Kickboxer Wife_Lady Tyson embraced Islam

Famous Dutch, world famous kickboxer “Ruby Miso” has converted to Islam. Praise be to Allah. Worshipers at a mosque in the Netherlands were shocked to see Ruby in the back row wearing a hijab. Then Ruby recited the word of martyrdom and declared her conversion to Islam. The video of his conversion to Islam has also gone viral on social media. Ruby Miso has won many titles and is called Lady Tyson because of her invincibility in boxing. New Muslim Michael Tyson has also been invincible in boxing. Ruby posted a picture of herself in front of the mosque on Instagram, saying that she had known the truth of Islam long ago. Now he has announced it in front of everyone.I am very happy to be in the footsteps of Islam and I am proud of it. Interestingly, the breaking news of Ruby’s conversion to Islam was first run by Joram Van Klavere. He tweeted with the slogan Takbir that Allah guides whom He wills. Famous kickboxer Ruby converts to Islam You must know Joram Van Klavere. The right hand of the famous Dutch politician and Great Wildzer. Who converted to Islam while writing an anti-Islamic book.

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