Christ’s daughter was forcibly taken to the bushes and abused

The incident took place on December 28, 2020. Gulzar Masih was returning from village Dogran to Kakkar Gul village at around 7 pm after attending the wedding of his relatives with his family. Stopped them and snatched Rs 3,000 cash and 1 mobile phone. And then Gulzar forcibly took Christ’s daughter into the bushes and raped her.
Police action and measures
As soon as the incident was reported, DPO Sheikhupura Ghulam Mubashir Mekan rushed to the spot. Considering the seriousness of the incident, legal action should be taken immediately to form 10 different teams of police on the spot.Led by SP Investigation Naveed Irshad and Additional SP Asif Amin, DSP Saddar Circle and DSPCIA under the supervision of every possible effort to trace the accused. The PFSA team arrived at the scene in time to secure the scene and gather evidence. The incident was geo-fenced. Compile lists of all records from the CRO according to the nature of the accused Included discovered. DPO Sheikhupura and all the team members worked day and night using all possible means to trace this serious incident. In this regard, the previously recorded accused of such incidents from Sheikhupura district and adjoining districts have also been identified and more than 300 persons will be investigated in this regard. Dozens of people were also involved in the search. The Punjab Chief Minister and IG Punjab took stern notice of the incident and directed to resolve the case as soon as possible.
DPO Sheikhupura and his team CRO, IT, CIA, PFSA, expedited all possible measures and worked day and night to trace the accused within a week keeping in view the incident and evidence.Access to suspects and arrest
Due to the hard work and professionalism of the police, the culprits of this serious incident are: 1. Javed son of Pir Bakhsh. 2. Junaid son of Pir Bakhsh. 3. Pervez son of Pir Bakhsh. Belong The three accused were wanted by various police stations in dozens of robbery and burglary cases. While his two brothers are lodged in jail in murder and robbery cases. Surprisingly, all the brothers used to commit crimes together and the police had been searching for them for a long time.He was also wanted in serious incidents in Gujranwala and Sheikhupura. The accused would have fled to other districts after committing incidents in Sheikhupura and would have returned to Sheikhupura after committing incidents there.
The accused were handed over to DPO Sheikhupura under the leadership of DSP President Circle Imran Abbas Chadhar and DSP CIA Riaz Abbas Shah along with SHO President Farooqabad Sarfraz Yousuf with the help of modern technology. Arrested from During the interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime of robbery and adultery. They also identified the location of the accused and identified the victim as the victim girl. The accused were also subjected to DNA test for further verification. According to the report, Junaid and Pervez were found to have raped the victim. Further legal action is being taken against the accused.
During the interrogation, DPO Sheikhupura and his team remained in constant touch with the victim’s family and took them into confidence regarding the steps taken by the police and all the proceedings. Much appreciated

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