Ali Sadpara Death Latest Update on Social media

There are many superstitions and analyzes about Muhammad Ali Sadpara on social media. Some are saying that it is suicide, well done to him, some are saying that he was hungry for fame so he risked his life for it. Some people are saying where is the national hero etc. We are probably the strangest nation in the world. We ourselves have no attachment to Pakistan and perhaps no ability to make its name known. And we don’t give up on those who are trying to do it. Arriving at K2, Muhammad Ali Sadpara had to hoist the flag of Pakistan, not his own or India’s. Pakistan.The social media frivolous brigade, which can do nothing for Pakistan, asks the people that if Allah has not given you the strength to pray for someone’s life, then at least keep your superstitions in your mind. If there were no obsessive and restless people like Muhammad Ali Sadpara in human history, instead of taking your mobile phone and shaking off your cheap intellectuals, you would have gone out to hunt lions by covering your body with leaves. Now the chances of Muhammad Ali Sadpara being alive are almost gone. Now even if his body is found buried, it is a big deal. Now we are waiting for a miracle from Allah.

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