realtiy of wealth

The richest man in Lebanon was Emil al-Bustani.
He built a grave for himself during a beautiful area on the coast of Beirut, in order that I might be buried during this grave after my death.
He had his own boat and when it exploded he sank within the sea along side the ship. After spending many dollars, his ship was discovered
But no body was found to bury him within the tomb he had built for himself.
One of Britain’s men was a Jew named Rod Tshler.
He was so rich that sometimes the govt borrowed from him. He had put aside an area in his magnificent palace to stay his wealth, which was always filled with beans and money.
Once he entered the room and accidentally closed the door.
The door could only open from the outside, not from the inside.
He started shouting loudly but nobody heard his voice because the palace was big.
He wont to be absent from home for weeks without telling anyone.
When he was not seen, the family thought he must have gone somewhere as usual.
He kept until he felt very hungry and thirsty. He injured his finger and wrote on the wall of the room
“The richest man within the world is dying of hunger and thirst”
His body was discovered several weeks later.
This is the message for those who understand that
Wealth is that the solution to each problem and each need of the planet are often met with it.
Leaving the planet may be a big accident but we don’t know when, how and where to travel
Man goes on a journey and then comes back,
Goes out of the house and then returns
But when the breath goes out, nobody returns.
Congratulations to those that don’t oppress anyone, don’t hate anyone, don’t hurt anyone’s heart and don’t consider themselves superior to anyone because everyone has got to go.
A man was sitting during a taxi when he saw the driving force taking note of the Qur’an. He asked if any man had died. He said, “Yes, our hearts are dead.”
The prisoner asks the Qur’an to be his Friends in solitary .The patient asks for the Qur’an within the hospital in order that Allah can cure his disease. *
And the dead will wish in the grave. If I had read the Qur’an, i might are within the grave today.

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