Once upon a time there was a child living in Japan whose name was Mustaka Mousic. He and his family lived in a small village. They had a small house and were very poor financially. Moustala was a small He had a child and went to school. He dropped out of school at the age of 9 due to poor home conditions and started working at a nearby shop. He waited for a new day every evening and went to work as usual. He used to go and clean the shop. He used to do the same. But he was not satisfied with his work. He waited for the start of a new morning every day so that he could change his time. One day suddenly an electronic company Called him on the job.And he joined this company. He used to experiment and learn something new every day. Still, he wanted to be different from everyone else. One day he made a new socket. And he was very happy with his success. He did not give up because he wanted to do something new. He wanted to start his own company. But he did not have the money or the education to do so. He started the company with his friend and started his own job. He got married to a beautiful girl at the age of 23. He and his wife started this company at home and started making socks.

He would go to the shops every day and no one would get the order. This went on for three weeks. There came a time when he had to sell all the goods at home. Three weeks later he got the first and biggest order. A company with an annual income of 62 billion. They ordered 1000 sockets and this was their worst success.
From this successful story we learn that to be a successful person you don’t need money or education but you have to have dedication to do something. It will make you successful.
And this company is not a small company, but that company is Panasonic.

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