Indian researchers seek treatment for cancer with nanoparticles

A team of Indian doctors has developed a method to investigate the micro-environment of cancer cells. The team used magnetic-powered nanoparticles on a 3D tumor model to elucidate a way to target the cells.
The research was carried out by doctors from the Center for Nanoscience and Engineering (CNSE) and the Bangalore Department of Annual Reproductive and Obstetrics (MRDG).

The study, which is now published in Inch Wendy’s Chemistry, examines changes in the cellular environment of tumors. It also explains the use of helical nanoparticles to map and quantify. Doctors operated the nano from a distance through an external magnetic field through tumors.
The tumor specimen, developed by the team, consists of both healthy and cancerous cells.
One team said it was designed to mimic the environment of breast cancer.

He further said.
“In the tumor model, we tried to drive the nanomotors towards the cancer cells and see that they get stuck in the matrix near the cancer cells.

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