Great Story The king and the potter

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When the king saw the donkeys walking in a line, he asked the potter, “How do you keep them upright?”

The potter replied, “Whoever breaks the donkey’s line, I punish him. All this goes straight out of fear.”

The king said, “Can you make peace in the land?”

The potter was full of support, the king gave him the position. On the first day, a case of theft was brought before the potter.

“Cut off the thief’s hand,” said the potter.

The executioner looked at the minister and said in the potter’s ear, “Sir, this is the minister’s special man.”

“Cut off the thief’s hand,” said the potter again.

Then the minister himself whispered in Kumar’s ear, “Sir, think a little. This is your special man.”

The potter said, “Let the hands of the thief be cut off, and let the tongue of the intercessor be cut off.”

And it is said that after this one decision of the potter, peace was established in the whole country.

We can have peace too, but for that we will have to cut off the hands of thieves and cut off the tongues of some people!

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