When a boy takes away a girl’s honor, the girl’s mother immediately finds out, but she endures in silence.

But this silence lasts till the night of the wedding. On the night of the wedding, when the husband goes near the wife, the husband knows what my wife has done before and ends up divorcing, even if the husband does not divorce. A girl’s life is less precious than a dog in her in-laws’ house

It’s not the boy’s fault

This is the fault of the girl. Every girl gets messages in the inbox. Don’t reply to her wishes. If the girl answers, she responds voluntarily in the inbox. No one can force her.

The girl’s life is like an inbox

Where she agrees, she puts her honor on the boy’s feet. The boy plays with her and goes out in search of a new victim, and the girl’s life is ruined.
All girls, get this out of your mind. If you do something wrong, the mother will not know, and after marriage, the husband will not know. You are deceiving yourself.
The mother and the husband know everything in a second but the mother endures because she is the mother but the husband does not endure in any way. He keeps on divorcing and even if he does not divorce, the life of this woman is very useless and Helpless very contemptible

So take care, daughter

Do not take the funeral of your father’s honor out of your hands
Love is not the name of a flower that gives true love
He says marriage, not meeting in street parks
Neither love needs a flower nor the name to meet in parks
Don’t waste this sweet word
Sorry if anyone finds my post bad

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