So I go to ask my bride what happened. She holds my hands tightly and says, “Be happy. Your prayer has been accepted. I wonder if you are sad. How can I be happy in this?” The man I’m in love with is getting married to someone else’s now I’m out of the room when I hear this and I’m in so much pain that he’s my wife but how much he cares for that person Well, for two or three days of my patience, he didn’t talk to anyone, and on the third day, he started telling me that my beloved is married, now he’s married to someone else, but I will never be yours. And I get very angry. I keep quiet. Well, on the fourth day she came to me and started talking. I have to go to my mother’s house. It’s been a week. I’ve been there for a while.She left me at her mother’s house for packing and when I was coming she said I will stay here with my mother for three days. I said ok she was very happy when I went to pick her up three days later. I thought, maybe I have come to my senses now. Well, I put him in the car and came home. One day later, in the afternoon, he started asking me to tell him. It’s work, I said okay, he brought the story and I asked what was the matter What you were going to do to me, he said, “Do you remember when we were married two days ago, you asked me, ‘Do you want a divorce?’ I said yes, I was fine? So she says that now I want a divorce, but when I heard this, I could not get it out of my throat. After all, the person you used to love is married, now why ?? I say yes I want a divorce for the same person because that person only wants me. He married this woman on the fifth day of his marriage when I was at my mother’s house At that time he had divorced me. I said I will give a new divorce. At that time he said that I will shout and say that I love someone else and this person is so ungrateful that I am still sitting at his house. Do whatever you want, but I will give you a new divorce, but my bride was probably completely exhausted with love. She immediately went out and told my family everything. Then my elder brother told me to divorce my brother. It is permissible to divorce her, so we only know this now if the people of the neighborhood find out.If your wife dies on someone else, then the honor of the whole family will be reduced to dust. Divorce her now. We will make another excuse. I closed my eyes and divorced her. I went to my mother’s house. I found out what happened there. I found out something new there. She was in ‘iddah and her family kept telling me to get married.

He passed away and his’ iddah was fulfilled and the next day he was going to leave with this man. This man had an accident and he died on the spot and my ex-bride who was there was once again the bride when she found out that my beloved did not live in this world and that too on the day when The woman who was about to marry this man is now completely broken after hearing this

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