The Love Story of a Poor Man

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There is a poor man who fell in love to the beautiful daughter of a king. He wants to marry her but he don’t know how,so, he talk to the minister of the king about the marriage. “How can I marry the daughter of the king if I am poor man?” The minister answered him: “The king will only let her daughter marry to a muttaqeen man” And the poor man said: “If that so then I should start to worship Allah”. The minister promised to him that if he can do the condition, he will bring the king to him. After the conversation, the poor man get his stuff to be used for his camp. He built his small camp in a very quiet and peaceful place and he started to worship Allah. After a months, the king decided to look for a muttaqeen man for his daughter and the minister suggested to the king about the poor man whom he talked few months ago. The minister brought the king to the small camp of the poor man and the king was amazed when he saw the poor man worshipping Allah. He talked to the poor man and invited him to go to his castle to talk about the marriage. The poor man was amazed that it just because of worshipping Allah, the king went to his camp and invited a poor man like him into his castle. #Furthermore, while the king about to leave,the poor man took all of his stuffs and decided to go to a far far place where no one is there except him and Allah. He realized that the more he will worship Allah, the more he will receive great rewards. After a years, the minister saw the poor man and he merely not recognize him. His face is seemed to have light and he became more handsome and his presence brought something refreshing. The minister asked him: “Where have you been for a long time? Why you didn’t come for the invitation of the king? Do you know that his daughter was already married? I thought you really love his daughter” The poor man answered: “Yes, I really love her because I will never be here except because of my love for her. I will never find Allah except because of her. I will never feel this true love except because of her so that is why my love for her is true because she brought me here. I knew that she was married but I’m happy for her. She found her peace and I also found my peace with Allah” The minister said “Now I really met a real Muttaqeen man”


Love of Allah is incomparable. It heals the hearts, the soul, and it makes you rich, it makes you elevated not in the eyes of people but in the eyes of Allah. And the love of Allah is true. It will never break your heart.

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