To defend the criminal ways of Bollywood, Jaya Bachchan comes up with this irrational reason in the parliament

They are the best tax payers in the us of a!!

Very suitable point she has raised. The counter question that needs to follow her announcement is – WHY does human beings in Bollywood earn better than all industries in India? What qualification do you need to emerge as an actor? How many entrance tests you need to crack? How an awful lot investment you have made to earn that diploma? How many actors are still paying their education loans?

Our exceptional minds are slogging day and night time growing vaccines, getting to know on new inventions, launching satellites and yet how tons monthly earnings do they earn? How a whole lot does an companion scientist of ISRO earn?

So, coming lower back to my first query Mrs. #JayaBachchan – Why are you people the highest tax payers?

Let me assume, you should have accomplished something brilliant to make India shine inside the international map. Did you win an Oscar? Satyajit Ray did. Was his asset valuation greater than yours? No? I then ask the same question – Why are you the very best tax payer?

Your contribution to our society has been 0. If anything, you human beings are the purpose lots of children in the 70s ruined their lives and tasted unemployment. Unlike present day youth, inside the 70s and 80s the majority were excessively obsessed by using your faux stardom. They used to replicate your hairstyles, bunked faculties to observe your movies, stole from parents to shop for tickets in black. Ring a bell? You and your enterprise have finished only damage to our society.

And the cash you pay for tax, is the cash we pay to watch you. We have been stupid to shop for luxurious tickets in your films. Why isn’t there any cap on how a good deal you #BollyMafias should earn? Why isn’t always it in song with all other industries and careers in our u . S .?

Thanks for bringing this factor up within the parliament Mrs Bachchan. Center have to right now look into it. Movie price ticket costs need to be introduced appreciably down. Your paychecks need corrections.

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