Rape in Islamic Law

photography of a woman wearing hijab

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Abu Alqama reported: A woman went out to pray during the time of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him, and she was met by a man who attacked her and raped her. She screamed and he ran away. Then another man passed by and she said, “This man has molested me!” A group of emigrants were passing by and again she said, “This man has molested me!” They caught the man whom she thought was her attacker and brought him to her and she said, “Yes, this is the one.”
They brought him to the Prophet and he issued orders concerning him but the one who had attacked her stood up and he said, “O Messenger of Allah, I am the one who attacked her.” The Prophet pbuh said to her, “Go now, for Allah has forgiven you,” and the Prophet pbuh said kind words to the man who had been mistakenly arrested. The Prophet pbuh said to the man who had attacked her, “Stone him,” and the Prophet pbuh said, “Verily, he has repented in such a manner that if the people of Medina were to repent in this way, it would be accepted from them.”
(Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1454)
Why didn’t the Prophet pbuh ask her instead,why she was going to the mosque without a mahram? why didn’t He accuse her of seducing him? Why didn’t He ask her what she was wearing?
Here you can see the wisdom and amazing mind of the Prophet pbuh!
Rape is never justified or protected no matter what .
I’m out of words.I don’t know what to say. What to do. I’m just done with this world. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces 💔every time I hear of rape case. As you all of heard of the motorway incident in Lahore.

It boggles my mind how everyday we hear of such things.. It frustrates me that nothing is being done about it. It’ll be talked about on social media for a few days then disregarded but can you imagine the people that have suffered such a thing.

We live in such a time where even being alive is dangerous.

I am praying for the safety of everyone and I pray the victim get their justice.

Instead of hanging the rapists, they should be stoned to death publicly. Start the hashtag #stonetherapiststodeath instead of hanging them! Stoning them is the islamic way of punishing such inhumane.

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