Indian Toofani Fan Stories

“It’s not just a team for me, it’s an emotion and passion for the City of Joy.

This jersey is my PRIDE.
Kolkata to me is the most passionate city in india and the people of Kolkata love their cricket! And when it comes to KKR, it’s beyond any words.

As I was a little kid I watched the first match in my hostel by hiding behind a door. Brendon McCullum’s 158* and Sourav Ganguly facing the 1st ball of the IPL is still in my mind.
From then till now, through the ups and downs, I have always been a die hard supporter. It’s easy to support a side when winning but true fans are those who stay by their teams during struggle!
I can still remember the day we won in 2012, I cried for 2 hours with happiness and continued till the day the players and SRK came to Eden Gardens with the cup to celebrate with us fans. And when we won again in 2014, my joy was second to none!

Players like the Magical Sunil Narine, Dinesh Karthik, Gill, Nitish Rana and my favourite Andre Russell, give so much joy to the fans, I can’t explain in words. They always put a smile on our faces.

My love affair with Eden Gardens and KKR will remain till my last breath no matter what. We will miss supporting the boys from the Eden’s stands this year but your loyal fans are always behind to support you from home this year. Bring the trophy back home, love you all and best of luck to the players of our very own KKR!”

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